Kenton County School Board Approves All Day Preschool

The Kenton County School Board Approves All Day Preschool

The Kenton County Board of Education approved all day Preschool for 500 students at the Special Board Meeting on Friday, June 11, 2021. The district would like to thank our board members: Carl Wicklund, Karen Collins, Jesica Jehn, Shannon Herold and Gene Dupin for their leadership, especially as it relates to early learning as we implemented all-day kindergarten recently as well. The KCSD remains steadfast in our mission to ensure that every student is transition ready when exiting our school system.  Additionally, our district continues to be a regional, state and national leader with innovative educational opportunities for our students. 

The Board of Education approved all-day kindergarten for ALL KCSD students in 2018 understanding the significance of education for our children at the earliest ages possible.  Research is clear that 90% of brain development occurs before age five (5) which is a clear reason for this recommendation.  Our district has maintained excellent data with our current half day program outperforming the state in all areas, however, this program will ensure that we have our highest number of early learners ever in our district 5 days a week, all day, and it is anticipated that our Kindergarten readiness will be at an all-time high. 

Preschool is clearly a best practice and is a strong research based practice to ensure success for students while addressing any learning gaps. Fiscally, this conversation is occurring at the right time due to the recent actions of our Kentucky legislature to fully fund all-day kindergarten.  We extend a great deal of appreciation to our legislature and our Northern Kentucky legislative representatives for placing emphasis on the need for early learning for our kids.  This additional funding will cover the cost of our all day preschool program as recommended.  Specifically, we appreciate the service of: Christian McDaniel, Damon Thayer, Savannah Maddox, Kim Banta, Kimberly Poore Moser, Buddy Wheatly, and Adam Koenig.

It is imperative to acknowledge the team work and collaboration of the KCSD district and building leaders for their incredible efforts to make this happen for our youngest students. Our leaders make implementing full day preschool a seamless transition and there is so much planning and organization that occurs to make this important work move forward to provide all students with a world-class education. If parents have any questions, please reach out to your local school for more information or contact Ellen Zimmer, the Director of Early Childhood Education at 859-344-8888.   

Lastly, Kentucky’s kindergarten readiness definition means each child enters kindergarten ready to engage in and benefit from early learning experiences that best promote the child’s success. In Kenton County it’s about ALL kids and Team Kenton is dedicated to making this a community of stronger more compassionate learners.


With gratitude,


Dr. Henry Webb


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