Program Review Documentation

Scott High School Program Reviews Documentation Links

Please use the following links to document lessons, activities, assignments, and projects you or your students experience at Scott High

Arts & Humanities

Use this link to document activities which involve arts and humanities.

  • Read/Write about Art (Visual, Musical, Dance, Drama)
  • Creation, Review, Performance, or Evaluation of film, drama, music, exhibit or collection.

Practical Living/Career Studies

Use this link to document activities which involve:

  • Collaboration with industry, local business, or consultant
  • Any aspect of health (mental, physical, emotional, social)
  • Consumerism (21st Century Skills, financial decision making)
  • Actual Real World Problems
  • Career planning or exploration

Writing Activities

Use this link to document writing activities which involve:

  • Students write(compose) in the classroom
  • Students create a polished content based written piece through process writing (the writing process).
  • Students routinely craft communications distinctive to specific disciplines and purposes.
  • Students craft communications distinctive to a specific discipline/purpose
  • Teachers and students use models as exemplars and develop scoring guides.

Global Competencies and World Language

Use this link to document Global Competency activities which involve:

  • Students learn and build on global competency skills
  • Promotion, encouragement, and recognition of students finding opportunities outside of school to learn and build global competency skills
  • Students learn, building on and practice 21st century skills, integrating the P21's Framework for 21st Century Learning
  • Students learn and build on cultural and intercultural competencies through engagement, inquiry and reflection