Yearbook Fun

We’re going to have a little Yearbook fun in the next few weeks while socially distancing and quarantining ourselves during this time. See below different ways we can stay connected but also help document this once in a lifetime pandemic in our 2019-2020 Yearbook! Please send pictures (with name(s), grade(s) and what activity you are doing from the lists below!

Turn into Mrs. Sullivan (


NTI Spirit Week (next week March 30 - April 3)

Monday- Pajama Day (take a picture of yourself in your favorite jammies working from home)

Tuesday- Crazy Sock Day (take a picture of you in the craziest pair of socks you own!)

Wednesday- Dress as your Favorite Character Day (dress up in a costume, or dress to look like your favorite character)

Thursday- Social Distance Twin Day (team up with a friend to dress alike and take a picture and put them side-by-side)

Friday- Scott Spirit Day (show your school spirit and put your favorite Scott Eagles gear on while you work from home!)


Social Distance Scavenger Hunt (if you can’t get out to get pictures, any parents that are still “essential” and going into work can help out):

- Take a picture of an empty parking lot (which is usually full: malls, schools, movie theaters, etc…)

- Empty schools

- New theatre releases that are on demand (since theaters are shut down)

- People still at Biggby and/or Starbucks (because coffee is a necessity! ??)

- Washing Your Hands

- Lack of cars on the road

- Covid signs on the doors

- Toilet paper or evidence of hoarding items


Selfie Scavenger Hunt:

- Selfie in a small place

- Selfie with something that makes you happy

- Selfie in your favorite homework spot

- Selfie communicating with friends/teachers/classmates through group messaging such as Google Meet or Hangout.

- Selfie outside

- Selfie upside down

- Selfie with your pet

- Selfie with your favorite hand soap

- Selfie doing your favorite activity

- Selfie with your sibling/parents (whoever is social distancing with you!)

- Selfie playing your favorite game

- Selfie in your favorite spot of the house

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