Dress Code Information


Dress Code Information for 2019-20


The student's dress and grooming will be the responsibility of the individual and his/her parents within the following guidelines:


APPROPRIATE DRESS: Neither the fit, nor fabric, nor fashion of an article of clothing shall allow exposure of undergarments or the midriff, whether the student is seated, standing, or moving. No drug/alcohol, or violent/suggestive, or revealing tight clothing will be permitted. No hats, bandanas, or hoodies with the hood up can be worn during school. Any student breaking the dress code will be asked to call home for a change of clothing and will see an administrator. If they leave the school building, they will be considered unexcused.



1. Students should dress in a manner that does not detract from the learning process.

2. See-through mesh shirts are permissible with appropriate undershirts.

3. All shirts must have secure straps on shoulders.

4. No holes in pants or shorts above the fingertips.

5. When a student is standing with his/her arms down at his/her side, the finger tips should determine if the shorts/skirt is too short. The finger tips should NOT be lower than the shortest point of material on the shorts/skirts.


By wearing shorts/skirts, the students are granting permission to teachers and/or administrators to check the length of shorts/skirts.


1. Students are to wear shoes at all times and they shall fit securely for safety and have a sole (no house slippers).

2. Clothing, tattoos, or other accessories that depict or promote alcohol, drugs, gangs, violence, tobacco, sexual behavior, profanity, discrimination, racially inappropriate items with provocative symbols, or any other disruptions to the learning environment are prohibited.

3. Hardware type chains are prohibited.

4. Pajamas or pajama pants are prohibited.

5. Proper underclothing must be worn at all times during the school day.

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