Graphic Design


Elise by Elise M.


I designed my picture on Microsoft paint. I started off by picking my colors. I picked the colors teal and pink because those colors are my favorite. Next, I went to the shapes and I picked the line tool. I also picked the paintbrush because I thought that was best. Then, I started drawing random shapes with the line tool and I drew the lines with the paintbrush and I made sure that the lines were connected. Then I chose my first color witch was teal and I colored in some of the shapes and then I took my second color and colored in the rest of the shapes. Lastly, I chose a font (Calibri) and I chose a size (72) and I started to type my name.


Soldier Saluting by Ashley H.

Saluting Soldier

First, I got on microsoft paint and thought what I wanted to draw. I thought that I wanted to honor
our country so I decided that I was going to make a soldier saluting and a flag behind the
soldier. The first thing I did for my picture was I made a circle for the soldiers face. Then, I made
the flag behind it. You might be wondering how exactly did I make the flag? Well, I made a
square then I filled it with blue paint and I made the stars (which are circle because stars are
REALL hard to make). Once I was finished with the blue and stars part of the flag I moved on
to the red and white stripes. So all I really did for those was I made every other line red and the
rest white. After that I was ready for my actual soldier. First as I said earlier I made a circle so I
filled it in with the most skin looking color on the palette  (because I did not wanna make a new
color) next I grabbed an eye looking color I’m not gonna say that in my description so you will
look at my picture. Next I got black to make my nose because if you put the skin color it would
just blend in. Next I made a mouth out of black I made a straight face because that’s what
soldiers normally do.Then I made the hat for the soldier. What I did was I made an oval kind of
shape and I filled it in with green. Then I got some brown paint and made camoflaguage looking
shapes.Once I was finished with the face I made the actual saluting part.What I did was I made
a square with round corners. After that I realized that I was finished! And that’s how I made my soldier saluting.




Illusion by Kaelin P.


For this picture I used Microsoft Paint. I used  6 circles and a total of 8 colors.This project took me about a one to two weeks. Here are the steps to make it,


  • To start off I made the main circles.

  • Then I made some lines and the first 2 circles I made one line goes into a pizza shape and the second one went in the middle of the first line.

  • Next  I began to make more and more circles.

  • After that I added some color.  My favorite colors are pink, red, and blue so that inspired me to pick these colors.

I drew this because, I like illusions they just amaze me, in how they look and work. That is how I created this optical illusion. If you look closely you can see a different color.  


Ryann by Ryann R.


First i got onto Microsoft Paint and started with a blank sheet of paper and got a paint brush and picked the color blue. Then, I drew random lines and grabbed the the paint and filled half of them blue and half red and grabbed the paint brush and chose the color black and wrote my name.