Digital Photograph


Fireplace at Night by Ashley H.

Fireplace at night

 First, I turned my fireplace on because it’s not real, it’s electric. I flipped the switches to turn on the fireplace and the heat. Once the fireplace was on I was ready to take my picture. I took my picture on my IPhone SE. I laid down on my stomach to get the best angle of the fireplace. I then, opened up the camera app on my phone and lined it up so the mess in the living room wouldn’t get in the picture. Then, I zoomed in so you could see more of the actual fire and the sparks because in my opinion, it looks really cool. Finally, I took the actual picture. I took a few so I could choose which one looked best and I chose this one.


Icicles by Brooklyn B.


I went to open my camera on my LG 4 plus smartphone and zoomed in to a layer of icicles hanging on the roof of my porch i snapped the photo and a few others and asked my cousin which one was his favorite one and he picked this one.





Frozen by Cash K.

Frozen Legos


The photo features Lego figures to make it stand out.I took advantage of the cold weather that we had for a month.So I took some pictures of a frozen creek.I knew it would look good.The icicles were awesome.



Senior Night by Angelina S.

Senior Night


This is a picture of the Simon Kenton High School football field. It was senior night and my family was there to support my brother. I chose to go to the middle of the stands so I could center the picture with the 50 yard line and the SK logo. I wanted to get the blow up helmet and the flag in the background so when I zoomed, I made sure that those were still in the image. I timed the picture to get the flag when it was flowing in the wind.  I took the picture at sunset so I did not need to use any filters. The colors are all natural. I used an iPhone 7 camera. This camera auto-focuses the image.  To get the zoom I pinched the image on the screen to perfectly frame the picture.



Lilo by Adelie W.

I chose this picture of our dog Lilo because it shows how energetic she is.  I wanted to capture her movement while her head is in focus.  I took the picture with an iPad 3.  Her body stands out against the hardwood floor of our kitchen. I used a homemade peanut butter pumpkin treat to get her to stand up.  

By Adelie W



Hidden by Ava T.


The photo I chose was a picture of my little sister and her blanket that has a horse head on it. My sister is holding the horse in her face just like she does all the time. She named her horse, horsie which she thinks is her security guard! This is actally was not the photo I planned on using. I was setting up my camera and happened to snap this picture. When I was looking through the photos I took that day, this photo stood out as being mysterious and magical. I used a point and click digital camera with zoom.  I zoomed in a little while taking this picture.  We plugged the camera into our computer to download it.  Then I sent it through email to my STLP coach so she could put it on the website.