Digital Art


Saluting Soldier by Ashley H.

Saluting Soldier

First, I got on microsoft paint and thought what I wanted to draw. I thought that I wanted to honor
our country so I decided that I was going to make a soldier saluting and a flag behind the
soldier. The first thing I did for my picture was I made a circle for the soldiers face. Then, I made
the flag behind it. You might be wondering how exactly did I make the flag? Well, I made a
square then I filled it with blue paint and I made the stars (which are circle because stars are
REALL hard to make). Once I was finished with the blue and stars part of the flag I moved on
to the red and white stripes. So all I really did for those was I made every other line red and the
rest white. After that I was ready for my actual soldier. First as I said earlier I made a circle so I
filled it in with the most skin looking color on the palette  (because I did not wanna make a new
color) next I grabbed an eye looking color I’m not gonna say that in my description so you will
look at my picture. Next I got black to make my nose because if you put the skin color it would
just blend in. Next I made a mouth out of black I made a straight face because that’s what
soldiers normally do.Then I made the hat for the soldier. What I did was I made an oval kind of
shape and I filled it in with green. Then I got some brown paint and made camoflaguage looking
shapes.Once I was finished with the face I made the actual saluting part.What I did was I made
a square with round corners. After that I realized that I was finished! And that’s how I made my soldier saluting.




Lost in the Dark by Adelie W.


TITLE: Lost in the Dark.

By: Adelie W.

For digital art I used Microsoft Paint to create two dogs alone and afraid. I made the eyes the focal point of the picture by making the eyes big and brightly colored. The tools I used are the oil and water-color brushes within the program. I made this picture to look like my old dog named Hiedi that passed away.



Snowmen by Piper L.


I used the Paint program to create my winter scene. This was inspired by my wish for enough snow to make snowmen.  First, I put a blue square on part of the picture/background.  Then, I made one big circle.  Then with the medium sized circle I put it onto top of the big circle.  Next, I made a small circle and placed it on the medium circle.  Then I zoomed in to 800% to make buttons, eyes, and a mouth.  I stayed in 800% and made the carrot nose.  I put black stripes on the nose.  Still staying in 800% I made a scarf.  I did the snowman steps again but this time making it smaller.  To make the sun I made a circle and put yellow lines on the edges of the circle.  To make the house a did a huge rectangle and added a triangle to the top for the roof.  I made a small rectangle for the door at the bottom of the huge rectangle.  I zoomed to 800% and made a couple pixels for the door knob.  I made a square then I added lines to the square and filled the window with blue.  I zoomed to 800% and made dots and lines for the snow.



By:  Piper Luckhardt




Lily pads by Kaylee H.

I made this lily pad picture because I was inspired by Claude Monet and his lily pad painting. I used the program Microsoft Paint and used the touchscreen laptop. I made lily pads and flowers and I added a tree in the corner. I also used the stylus to draw because I don't like to draw on the mouse and the stylus gave me more control over  the screen. I drew a bluish green multi colored lake or pond. When you look at the painting you 'll see a couple lily pads, a tree and the pond.


Inspired By van Gogh by Adelie W.

I created digital artwork of Starry Night in the program called Paint.  It took me a total of about 3 hours.  I was inspired by my favorite artist Vincent van Gogh's painting of the Starry Night.
by Adelie W.




Proud Dog by Bridget K.

 I am doing digital art. First, I got on Google and searched digital art for students I sorted through these websites until I found viscosity. Then, I used the brush and moved it around a little bit to make its basic shape for it starts with a square of colors you can move around to make a shape. Then, I got on the tab that said select and perfected it with moving it to make a tail or perfect the body. Then, I pushed a tab that said color to choose the color scene. Then, I saved it to the website. Why I choose this website over others because it is easy to use and you can be as creative as you want. In the picture I wanted to create the mood as if the dog is proud to be who he is and does not regret his life because he is happy.   by Bridget K.