Manipulated Image

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Forest of Red by Fayth T.


original photo


Forest of Red

Manipulated Image


I started off my taking a picture of a bunch of trees. Next, I uploaded my picture to Adobe Photoshop Express.  Then, I hit an option on the left that says correct. To go along with this, I hit contrast I put contrast on 100, clarity, and 100 on vibrance too. After this, I moved down to the right and at the bottom left I hit exposure. One option was highlights, I moved that to 100, shadows was another option and moved that to -93, lastly I moved exposure to -100. Continuing on, I moved to the right again on the bottom left to white balance. Then, I moved temperature on 100 and tint to 100 also. When I was done with that I hit save/share on the bottom to the right. It gave me two options to save on device or share on Facebook I chose save on device. Next, I chose a file name for it. Lastly, I went to my e-mail and emailed it to my teacher.




Turtle by Rylie W.

turtle 1

Original Image



Manipulated Image

I decided to use this photo because I think it has a very mysterious but calming theme .I also thought that the flowers and the turtle went well together, so I took the picture the picture and I liked the way it looked so I decided to use it . I use the app filterra,so first I looked for a filter to start with and the filter that caught my eye was mercury. Then I went to the Adjust setting, I went to brightness and I chose to go with a darker color and go all the way down to -66.then I went to contrast and turned it all the way up to +85 for a lighter background. Next I went to saturation and turned it to -25so the turtle would have a darker look. The next thing I did was turn the highlights to 74.then in shadows I went to -43 so the shadows would stick out more. Next I went to curves and tuned shadows to 30%,midtones to 86%,lights to 85%,and whites to 100% so the flowers in the back ground would look like the begging to disappear. Then I went to vignette and went all the way up to +100 for the black outline on the side. Lastly, I went to sharp and went to 47 for the shaper look.





Fireplace by Ivy C.

Fireplace- Original Image

Fireplace- manipulated image

My idea came to me when I was sitting by the fire trying to figure out what picture to use.  It was so bright and pretty, it came to me, the perfect picture.  My first step was taking the picture with my maw maw's digital camera.  Next I uploaded it to the computer.  I put the SD card in the computer and it showed up.  Then I inserted the picture on a blank page in the software, Microsoft Digital Image.  My next idea and step was how to make it different.  I decided to take some things out of the picture by cropping it.  Then I chose to make it black and white, it was easy with the software.  All I had to do is click on effects and click on black and white.  I wanted to put some color in the fire because it was so pretty and bright when I was sitting by it. That was the hard part.  I had to select the fire by drawing a line around it.  Then I went to artstroke to put the colors in.  I added red, orange and yellow.  The fire was too little so I had to stretch it by using the distortion brush.  I worked on the fire for a long time, trying to get it just right.  Finally I knew it was done and saved it to a memory stick.  I also saved the original picture to show you how I changed it.  This was a fun project and I learned lots about how to change pictures to make them better.  I want to thank my Maw Maw for letting me use her camera and computer.  She also helped me figure out how to change my picture.

by Ivy C.


American History by Landen T.

American History- original image

American History- manipulated image

With this picture, I saw that America has a great history. I thought the flag was a great symbol of this history, so I took a picture of it. I used the Windows Live Photo Gallery. First I went to the area where you can change the settings of the picture and I lowered the highlights. Then I raised the contrast and the shadows. Finally, I raised the brightness just a little bit. That is how I created this masterpiece.                                       by Landen T.


Life is Joy by Daniel K.

Life is Joy- original image

Life is Joy- manipulated image

When I was In the Car I saw a nice landscape so I took a picture of it then found a app called Aviary after I got the app I opened it then I clicked on effects then picked Arizona Then clicked apply remember  this if you do not click apply it will not work. I went into Lighting the moved the brightness down by 1 centimeter back. then I went to color then moved it 2 centimeter back .then I went to sharpness to max all the way up. then went to Text then clicked the Aa button on the side so I can change the fount to the last one then tipped  “Life is Joy” now that’s how you make what I made. 

by Daniel K.