KCSD to utilize NTI days for weather or unforeseen circumstances

The Kenton County School District has once again completed an approved application through the Kentucky Department of Education for NTI (Non Traditional Instruction) days to be included in the district calendar as student attendance days for the school year due to a potential need to close for our facilities to in person instruction due to weather or unforeseen circumstances.

This means that if our schools are closed due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances, teachers and students will not report for in-person instruction. However, teachers will post lessons and assignments for students to complete at home. Please note that NTI days are not like synchronous instruction when schools were closed due to COVID-19.

The use of NTI days will allow a continuation of instruction for all students due to an emergency situation or weather.  The below information outlines the structure of these NTI days.  

  • Continue to use structures that are already commonly accessed by students and parents.  (e.g. Google Classroom, Google Meet, etc.)

  • Staff will be available and serve as instructional facilitators via technology (Google Classroom, Google Meet, email, phone, etc.) to assist students/parents as needed and collaborate with coworkers during the work day.

  • The instruction for these unforeseen circumstances should align to grade level/content standards focused on skills already taught while keeping rigor at a manageable level to students approaching their work with possibly limited guidance.  

  • Provide teacher contact information to parents/students for assistance with content and navigating assigned work.

  • EL students will receive materials developed collaboratively with EL teachers to meet their learning needs.  

  • Special education teachers should collaborate with regular classroom teachers to ensure students with disabilities receive necessary and appropriate services and accommodations on assignments during NTI days. 

  • Student participation will be based on interaction with the teacher either by completed work product, technology, email, phone, etc. Teachers will record participation.

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