All About Piner

Piner Elementary is the southernmost elementary school in the Kenton County School District.  It serves students in the largest geographic area in the district and is rapidly growing.  Students receive instruction from a highly skilled and experienced teaching staff.

Piner Elementary serves a student body with multiple learning styles and academic needs on a daily basis.  Academic, social, and emotional needs are met in a variety of ways.  A Student Assistance Team (SAT) and Reducing Barriers to Learning Team (RBTL) are in place to meet the needs of students and their families.  Both teams are comprised of the principal, teachers, specialists, school counselor, school psychologist, and other school personnel.  Students are served during the regular school day with various programming (i.e. reading intervention programs, Accelerated Reader, and additional before/after school sessions as part ot the Extended School Services Program).  Accelerated learners have opportunities throughout the school day for enrichment as well by having access to the curriculum at higher levels.  Students with special needs are served in the regular classroom with support provided by resource teachers and assistants. 

School and student success would not be obtained without other key ingredients: parents, guardians, and school volunteers.  An active PTA and SBDM Council supports the learning environment at Piner Elementary.  The entire school and local community work together to ensure our school meets its ultimate goal:  Student Success.