Dixie Heights High School 

Health I Syllabus 


Teacher: Trey Crone 


Contact Information: 


Phone: 859-341-7650 ext. 170


Course Objectives: 

  • Students will demonstrate the ability to make healthy choices and decision making to promote a healthy lifestyle

  • Students will develop strategies and goals to maintain and improve emotional and social well being.

  • Students will be able to identify modifiable risk factors that impact their overall health. 


Course Description: Students will be introduced to the importance of living and promoting an overall healthy lifestyle. With a variety of educational technologies, students will participate in class/group discussions, projects and individual assignments that focus on the physical, social and emotional aspects of health. 


Grading Criteria:

  • Class Participation - 10 points 

  • Quizzes - 10-20 points 

  • Exams - 100 points 

Health education class is required by the State of Kentucky to graduate from high school and students’ grades are calculated into their overall G.P.A.