Dixie Heights High School 

Physical Education I Syllabus 


Teacher: Trey Crone  


Contact Information:  

Phone: 859-341-7650 ext. 170 



Course Objectives: Students will learn, practice and master skills necessary to enjoy lifetime fitness activities. Students will demonstrate measurable improvements in their overall fitness level. Students will display positive social interactive skills such as cooperation, teamwork, tolerance and respect for others. 


Grading Criteria: 

  • Participation - 10 points each day

    • Active Participation - 5 points 

    • Appropriate Dress - 2 points 

    • Etiquette/Behavior - 2 points 

    • Attendance - 1 point 


Attendance: Due to grading being heavily based on active participation, the following policy will be used in the case of absences.  

  • Any excused absence will be excused from additional assignments 

  • Any unexcused absence will result in lost points 

  • Doctor’s notes are the only acceptable reason to sit out of activity if present in class.  


Appropriate Dress: Students will be responsible for dressing out each day for the activity with appropriate physical education clothes and shoes. Appropriate dress includes athletic shorts or sweatpants, t-shirt or sweatshirt, and athletic shoes. FLIP FLOPS & SANDALS ARE NOT PERMITTED. 


Course Topics: 

  • Physical Fitness (2-3 times per week)

  • Volleyball

  • Badminton/Pickleball 

  • Soccer 

  • Ultimate Football/Frisbee

  • Cooperative/Team Activities