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Traffic Flow
Pick Up is at the Gym Entrance
off of Summit Dr.
Dropping off students
in front of the school is NOT permitted because the buses use this area.
TIPS for dropping off your student.
Door opens at 7:40, unless it is inclement weather and they will be opened earlier. Student must use sidewalk to enter through the main entrance prior to 7:40.
Closer to the start of the school day, the heavier the traffic which could make your child late. Earlier is better.
The school buses need to turn into this driveway and need room to do so.
Please have your child ready to drop off. When parents have to sign papers, get lunch money, etc. it takes time and causes traffic to back up to Dixie in a short time.
Please do not park or wait in the fire lanes while waiting to pick up your child, even for just the, "I will only be here but just a minute".
Officers from the City of Crestview Hills will cite for fire lane violations.
During student pick up last year the Fire Department was delayed getting to a building, because of the student pick up parents parking in the fire lanes. If it was your home or your child's school you sure would like for the fire department to not be delayed.
You are welcome to park in any empty spot in the two lots  F and G while
waiting for your child.
If you wait to pick up your child until after 2:40 pm, most of the time, all of the other traffic is gone and pickup is a breeze.
Be aware that we all are in the same situation, trying to get the day started, thinking about how much we have to do today, an important appointment, trying to get home at the end of the day etc.
A little understanding, awareness of others around us and some good old fashion courtesy will go a long way.
Thank You for understanding
Officer Gary Linn
Edgewood Police Department
School Resource Officer
Dixie Heights High School