Summer School

Last Updated: 5/18/2020 9:27 PM



Dixie will also be offering summer school for any student who has failed a class during the 19-20 school year. This program is a computer based instructional tool that has assignments that are completed on the internet and can be completed on any internet accessible computer. The program will require:


  1. The student to be required a minimum check in with instructor of one day a week via a phone call or virtual meeting from entry into the program until the end of the program on June 26th.  
    1. Should a student miss more than one weekly check-ins, the student will be removed from the program.
    2. Once the student has passed the class(es) they need to complete, he/she can stop the summer school program. 
  2. This registration form must be submitted via email to guidance counselor or google form by May 26th.
    1. Google form can be found below. Or you can print and email this form.
    2. Counselors: Thad Dusing, Robbie Maddox, Travis Ogles
  3. Summer school cost: $35 to attend the summer school program.
    1. Payment must be paid by June 21st in cash, certified check, or money order made out to Dixie Heights High School.  No personal checks will be accepted. 
    2. A student can complete more than one class for no additional cost.
    3. Free and Reduced rates do apply. (Fee is $10 for students who qualify for the Reduced Lunch program.)
    4. If there are circumstances that have arisen due to COVID-19 that restricts your ability to pay for summer school, please contact your school guidance counselor.
  4. Completion by Friday, June 26th.
    1. All classes successfully completed by June 26th will have their grades updated to reflect a 60%.
    2. Any classes not successfully completed will remain on the transcript as a failing score and must be retaken next school year.


Once registration is complete, the student will be assigned a username and password to the course website. A staff member will monitor student accounts each week during the mandatory one day check in a week.

Summer School Registration Form