Last Updated: 11/11/2019 4:12 PM

XELLO login 



Introduction to Xello for parents


Resetting your Xello password instructions

  • Don't forget to use the dash between KNKY and your 10 digit student ID. i.e. KNKY-9876543210
  • For additional help, see your Pride teacher.
  • Off-campus students can contact Mr. Dusing.


Xello Assessments and About Me Information


Xello helps you discover the pathway that’s right for you, whether it involves a trade, college, university, entrepreneurship, or other training. As you gain self-knowledge through assessments and reflection, you can save careers, schools, programs, and experiences to form a vibrant, visual roadmap that’s easy to update and share.



If you are new to Xello:

Getting Started:

  1. Use a desktop computer for the initial login.

  2. Go to https://login.xello.world/ 

  3. Enter your username & password:

Username: Prefix + Student ID

e.g. KNKY-0123456789

Password: Student's Date of Birth



You must change your passwords when you first log in. We ask that you use your IC password or personal email PW - SOMETHING YOU WILL REMEMBER!!!!