Distance Learning for Dixie

Last Updated: 8/17/2020 3:30 PM

First day of Distance Learning is August 24th!!!

Teacher Websites can be accessed here.  Students should click on each of their teacher’s names to find their google classroom. This can also be done by going to Dixie Heights website >> Students>>Teacher websites>>teacher name

Click here for video tutorial on how to join a google classroom

Click here for a video tutorial for student and parents on helpful tips on using google classroom

Expectations for the synchronous distance learning model: Click here for a short video explaining the expectations beginning August 24th. 

Students will be provided instruction from teachers during the regularly scheduled period of each day. Every teacher will have a website located on the Dixie Webpage with their google classroom link and join code. When students access their schedule, they can go to their teachers website and join the google classroom. 

Here is the class schedule.  Your 3rd period teacher will determine what time their students will be expected to log on for class. This will be a consistent time as lunch is built into this period for our students and teachers. 

                  1st Period                                         7:50-8:50        

                  2nd Period                                        8:55-10:05     

                  PRIDE                                              10:10-10:45     

                  3rd Period                                        10:50-12:20     

                 4th Period                                        12:25-1:25       

                 5th Period                                        1:30-2:30     

  1. Non-Negotiables: Students must participate every day in their assigned class. Attendance will be taken daily and failure to attend may result in unexcused absences and truancy charges.
  2. Instruction time: The expectation for our teachers is there will be daily instruction provided to students. What this looks like will be determined by the teacher. This may result in a student not being required to be in a Google Meet for 100% of the class period.
  3. Teachers teaching the same content will be collaborating on class instruction so student’s learning experience and expectations should be consistent. 
  4. Daily participation can look a variety of ways and does not mean that a student must complete a large assignment every day in class to earn participation. 
    1. Some examples of how a teacher may utilize instructional time
    2. Expect students to be logged in to Google Meet for the first 10-15 minutes, give them a task, and they would be expected to log back in for the last 10-15 minutes to review progress/get homework.  
    3. Students are expected to be logged in to a Google Meet for the first 25-30 minutes of class, teachers give them an assignment for the remaining 25-30 minutes, and during that time, they can contact the teacher via Google Classroom with questions.
    4. All students are participating in instruction through a google meet for the entire 60 minutes of instruction.