Terrace Metrics Resiliency Survey

In the Kenton County School District, it’s about all kids.  We are  committed to educating the “whole child”. This means teaching  academic and  life skills to prepare students for college, career, and life.  Social emotional learning  is a key component for every child so he or she can reach his or her  maximum potential as a learner.  Some examples of these  life  skills include working through adversity, being a critical thinker, accepting responsibility for one’s own actions, and  getting along with others.   Research shows that building  social/emotional strengths are necessary to learn these larger life skills. This commitment to educating the “whole child” led to the district decision to administer the Terrance Metrics Resiliency Survey. This online survey is designed to examine the social/emotional strengths and needs of students.  The indicators assessed by Terrace Metrics are known to contribute to the development of these strengths through positive school and learning experiences. The survey has been administered to over 30,0000 students across multiple school districts in NKY and across the United States.  More information is available in this  brief video at https://www.terracemetrics.org/consent-form/   This online survey will be given to students in 5th grade -10th grade during February and March in the Kenton County School District. If your student is in a grade level which will be screened, you will receive a letter from the superintendent and a passive consent letter.  Only return the passive consent letter if you do  not want your child to be screened

As a district, we will receive a customized report for every student. This report will tell us how well the student is functioning overall and within each indicator. In addition, you will have access to a customized parent report.   The information in the parent report is linked to videos and other resources for guidance. Finally, each participating school receives a comprehensive report that details its strengths, and areas in need of attention and monitoring.

Please know that your child’s responses are confidential and secure. Each student signs in with a specialized code; no personal information is used to take the assessment tool. The raw data will be stored separately from other educational records.

 What are the Benefits of the Survey?   Research shows that schools play an important role in raising healthy children through the measurement and teaching of social emotional skills.  Data from this survey gives us the ability to identify students with strong social-emotional development.  We can also detect students who need intervention.   In addition, the data provides school counselors with the ability to design, implement and evaluate small group interventions that address specific student needs.  Most importantly, this tool allows us to examine the needs of the WHOLE STUDENT, in combination with academic and other non-cognitive data.


Do I need to do anything for my child to be screened?

No.  Paperwork is only returned to the school if YOU DO NOT want your child to participate.  


Will I be notified if my student is at risk?

You will be contacted by the school’s counselor or administrator if your child’s scores are significantly below their peers across several indicators. In addition, you will be contacted if your child endorses being at risk for severe depression.  


How will  I get results?

Results will be emailed or texted to the information listed in Infinite Campus.  If your primary email or text message is not correct, please update it by calling the school.  Results will be sent after testing is concluded.  


Link to the Letter from the Superintendent and Passive Consent (in Spanish)


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