Additional Services/Information

Last Updated: 8/27/2019 1:16 PM

School Year
State Law requires that schools be in session for an equivalent of 177 days for students. The school calendar is the same for all Kenton County Schools.

School Hours
The school day consists of six hours and eleven minutes of instruction and approximately a 20 minute lunch period. Please visit your school web site for additional information about the school.

Inclement Weather
Winter begins the time of the year when weather conditions are uncertain and could make it necessary to close schools or call delays. The safety of the students is the sole basis for making these decisions. The Kenton County Schools operate on a uniform calendar; so if one school is closed all schools are closed. Please tune to your radio or television stations for announcements regarding a school closing or delay, or tune to Insight Cable Channel 15 for closing information. We will attempt to place an automated call at approximately 6:30 AM on the morning of a snow event. We will use the phone number provided to the schools by the parent in this call.

G. E. D.
Kenton County Adult Learning Center 442-1611
GED Results for KY 1-800-928-7323

Early Intervention Juvenile Court Program
The Kenton County Juvenile Support Project Team consists of the County Attorneys Office, Brighton Center, Cabinet for Families and Children and the school district meet weekly to develop family care plans for student’s who are habitually truant or beyond control. If the child and parent fail to appear for the conference or if the conference is unsuccessful a complaint will be filed and the child will appear in court. Educational neglect may also be filed against the parent/guardian as a criminal offense.

Family Court Program
The Kenton County family court program is used when students have issues with attendance or other juvenile offense matters.

Attendance Tips
Students are expected to attend school daily. To ensure good attendance, please consider the following tips:

  • Make sure your child is on a structured schedule that includes ample time for homework, study, relaxation and sleep. Ample sleep is a critical prerequisite for good attendance.
  • Preplanning is also important. Students should be trained to organize clothing, school supplies and lunches every evening in preparation for the following morning.
  • Students should be trained to give themselves extra time to get to busses, drive to school etc. Emergencies that take extra time can never be predicted. Give yourself extra time.
  • Wherever possible, plan all doctor’s and dentist appointments outside of the school day.
  • Parents are urged to put a priority on study and school preparation as they are balanced with other daily activities.
  • Habitual Truancy is defined as six or more unexcused absences in the course of a year. Any student found to be habitually truant will be brought before the Juvenile Court as a status offense. Parents may only write excuse notes three times per quarter with a maximum of nine per year. All other excuses must be provided in written form by a doctor.

Reducing Barriers to Learning - RBTL
RBTL Each Kenton County School has a Reducing Barriers to Learning committee. This is an inclusive committee that is comprised of teachers, assistants, parents, business partners, police, community agency representatives and other interested community members. This committee is working on school wide issues and trends that could be identified as general barriers to student learning. The overall objectives of this committee become embedded in the school’s Consolidated Planning Document. Topics being explored include Staff Wellness, Relationship Issues for Students, Building a Unified School Climate, Creating Healthy Alternatives for Students and How to work effectively with your Business Partner. Interested parents and community members are urged to join their school-level RBTL committee.

Drop Out Prevention Information
A variety of support services exist in our school district to help address any issues for potential dropouts. These include:

  • The Early Intervention program for grade four and five students. The focus here is daily organizational skills, study skills and personal self control.
  • School Within A School programs at the four middle schools. The focus here is organizational skills, reading and mathematics remediation and support counseling.
  • School Within A School programs at all three high schools. The focus is high school credit recovery, exam preparation support, daily classroom work support and large group counseling. An additional component exists to support freshmen and sophomores with transitional issues, academic and social/emotional concerns.
  • Reach out counselors and social workers. A team of professionals is available across the district to work with at risk students and families. Using a holistic wraparound services approach, these professionals reach out into the home to help address student and family issues.
  • Contact the school principal or guidance counselor for a referral to any of these services.