District Support Operations

Rob Haney
Chief Operations Officer



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We believe school buildings should use less energy, demonstrate sound environmental practices and serve as fundamental tools for learning.

District Support Operations

The Facility Department has three main focuses:  school construction and renovation, buildings and grounds, and energy management.  All of our school construction/renovation projects focus on high performance features, student involvement, and life cycle costing.  They are designed with leading edge technologies to enhance the learning environment, reduce energy consumption, and reduce long term maintenance costs. New District facilities feature high performance design features such as daylight harvesting, solar panels, rainwater catchment systems, vital signs systems, green building materials, geothermal heating and cooling and vegetated roofs. 


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Rob Haney, Chief Operations Officer

Chris Baker, Energy Systems Coordinator

Mike Blau, Maintenance Supervisor

Mike Hogue, Operations Supervisor

Carrie Hooten, Support Operations Coordinator

David Lloyd, Executive Director, Operations

Kevin Pfefferman, Construction Manager

Ronda Smalley, Administrative Assistant

Chad Atchley, Buildings, Grounds & Maintenance Assistant Supervisor

Building Operations Support Staff

The Kenton County Schools Operations Support Staff strives to provide a clean, safe, and secure learning environment while doing so in an energy efficient manner. The Operation Support Department is responsible for the upkeep, safety, and maintenance of more than 20 buildings totaling over 2 million square feet.  The department has also adopted sustainable practices by implementing cardboard recycling, using water based gym floor finish, and installing environmentally friendly flooring. Every Support Operations employee goes through extensive annual training along with six plus hours of online video training.



Dixie Heights High School

Tim Boggs, Plant Manager


Scott High School

Mike Ponzer, Plant Manager


Simon Kenton High School

Mike Supinger, Plant Manager


Kenton County Academiesof Innovation and Technology

Eric Medaugh, Plant Manager



Turkey Foot Middle School

Eric Medaugh, Plant Manager


Woodland Middle School

Mike Ponzer, Plant Manager


Twenhofel Middle School

Mike Lowe, Plant Manager



Beechgrove Elementary School

Aaron Taylor, Building Operations Supervisor


J.A. Caywood Elementary School

Eric Medaugh, Plant Manager


Ft. Wright Elementary

Mike Weber, Building Operations Supervisor


R.C. Hinsdale Elementary School

Mike Fry, Building Operations Supervisor


Kenton Elementary School

Becky Rouse, Building Operations Supervisor


Piner Elementary

Kathy Shepherd, Building Operations Supervisor


River Ridge Elementary

Aaron Earls, Plant Manager


Ryland Elementary School

Matt Stanchek, Building Operations Supervisor


Summit View Academies

Clifton Keaton, Plant Manager


Taylor Mill Elementary

Tim Holmes, Building Operations Supervisor


Whites Tower Elementary

Mike Fairchild, Building Operations Supervisor



The Maintenance Department is responsible for the maintenance of buildings and grounds for the Kenton County School System. Responsibilities of this department are as follows but not limited to:
• Supervises and repairs the district’s building and grounds.
• Maintains a current inventory of equipment and supplies.
• Establishes an efficient and effective system of routine maintenance.
• Promotes high standards of safety and good housekeeping methods in all work-connected areas.
• Completes all tasks in shortest time possible.
• Performs other assigned duties as may be necessary. 

The facilities/maintenance department for Kenton County Schools are committed to providing a safe, clean, inviting and energy efficient student learning facilities. In order to create a collaborative culture, we must work with the staff at each school to maintain student learning facilities in a safe, inviting and energy efficient manner. In order to ensure student learning we must work around student activities such as testing to maintain the facilities while not disturbing student learning.

Mike Blau - Buildings, Grounds & Maintenance Supervisor

Chad Atchley – Buildings, Grounds & Maintenance Assistant Supervisor

Administrative Staff

Ronda Smalley

Electrical Crew 

Dale Wellman, Master Electrician

General Maintenance Crew 

Mike Collins, Carpenter and Certified Playground Inspector

Adam Meyers, Carpenter


Heating and Air Conditioning

Mike Blau, Journeyman HVAC

George Hoffman, Journeyman HVAC

Gary Roell, Journeyman HVAC



Chuck Tackett, Journeyman Plumber


Maintenance Apprentice / Courier

Lonnie Richardson

Energy Management

Chris Baker, Energy Systems Coordinator

Energy management is a critical component of the Kenton County School District’s mission and vision to prepare students for the global workplace and market. The District’s unique concept of energy management goes beyond just the physical elements of the buildings and recognizes the need to develop a future labor force capable of meeting the anticipated demand for “green collar” jobs over the next twenty years.  Our national award-winning energy management approach has propelled the Kenton County School District into the upper echelon of environmental leadership.  In partnership with ENERGY STAR, KEEPS, and KY NEED our 18 schools analyze, track, and benchmark energy performance in order to reduce energy consumption by staff, students, and the public.

 Some of the goals outlined in the District’s Sustainable Energy Plan include: Establish a District-wide culture of energy awareness, gain ENERGY STAR certification for all facilities, and decrease the District’s energy consumption by 20%.

The Kenton County School District System of Excellence extends beyond the classroom. The Facilities Department not only builds and maintains school buildings, it strives to conserve energy, protect the environment and develop students who have a lifelong commitment to sustainability and sound environmental practices.