Technology Support Services

Student-centered, personalized learning is the goal of the technology support department in The Kenton County School District. As part of the Next Generation of Learner Districts we work and support the six critical attributes and essential conditions:
· Planning for personalized learning
· Comprehensive systems of learning supports
· World-class knowledge and skills
· Performance-based learning
· Anytime, everywhere opportunities
· Authentic student voice

Our vision includes initiatives to address the additional need for interactive classrooms, professional development supporting capacity building of differentiated collaboration tools, refinement of Digital Citizenship delivery, and continued maintenance of an enterprise based network that includes improved security in support of our learning community. We provide an "Anytime, Anywhere, Always On" Teaching and Learning Environment for our stakeholders.

Fast Facts:
  • Service 24 buildings
  • 4675 computers
  • fibered gb network to each school
  • 1 coordinator and 3 technicians
  • 1.0 ratio of staff to computers
  • 3.8 ratio of students to computers
  • Average 3500 work orders per year
Matthew Winkler, Director of Technology
Gary Crawford, Network Administration
Rob Slone, Computer Technician
Chris Schultz, Computer Technician
Nick Kremer, Computer Technician
James Dunn, Computer Technician
For questions regarding technology support, please contact the Director of Technology.