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Welcome to the computer lab!

I have lived all my life in Northern KY, growing up on a small farm in Boone Co. I graduated from Conner HS and went to college at the University of Kentucky (The greatest school on earth). I majored in Marketing and worked for over 13 years in the field of Market Research. Most of that time was spent as an Analyst and Project Director at SIRS, located in Highland Heights. This company specializes in providing grocery stores information on how their customers rate them and their competition, where shoppers are spending their food dollars, and the demographics of the shoppers stores are attracting, etc.
My decision to switch careers came in the mid-nineties. I enrolled at NKU and proceeded to take classes toward an education degree.

I graduated in 1998 and started as a 6th grade teacher at Silver Grove Independent School. I also coached both JV and Varsity volleyball. I came to Ft. Wright Elementary in 1999 and have been here ever since. The majority of my years were in 4th grade with a few in 5th. Now I am the Technology Teacher, School Technology Coordinator, Specials lead teacher, and Webmaster.

I am married (met her at UK) and have 2 sons. One graduated from UK and my other son graduated from NKU.

Welcome to computer/technology lab!
Students at Ft. Wright will be learning about technology and its importance as a part of STEM and will become proficient in those 21st Century skills you have heard educators talking about. Students will understand the proper ettiquette of using computers/software/digital media including social media. Our district is moving toward Google Apps for Education and we have new Chromebooks this year. Students will learn how to use Google Drive, including Google Docs and Slides, as well as, how to research information on the web. Students will also learn how to code using various sites such as, Scratch, and Tynker. We also have 2 3D printers courtesy of a GE Additive Education Grant and students master using TinkerCAD to design their 3D objects. Students in grades 3 - 5 will be learning about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality through CoSpaces and the use of a Merge Cube.
Here are some web sites that may be of interest to you.
This is a website sponsored by the American Library Association. It's called Great Web Sites for Kids, and has links to lots of different subject matter including science, math, literature, and the arts, by age level.
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