Eagle Club

EAGLE CLUB 2020/2021


What We Do:

The Scott High Eagle Club is a non-profit organization.  The mission and purpose of the organization is to support the student population of Scott High School as well as the faculty, administrators and leaders within the school.  The Scott High Eagle Club will work with administrators to provide the support, which allows for the development and enhancement of the students’ educations and their extracurricular activities, allowing them to have the best development for future opportunities and success.  Some of the items that the Eagle Club helps to finance are all the academic awards that are given on Awards Night in May, the Eagle Cash program, Scholarships, contributions toward uniforms or equipment, National Honor Society membership, and receptions such as the meal provided before parent-teacher nights.  Please contact us by email if you have a request, scotthseagleclub@gmail.com

Joining Eagle Club:
Every family at Scott High School is an automatic member of the Scott High Eagle Club and are welcomed at all meetings.


President                    Amy Luken


Vice President            Mollie Bannister


Secretary                    Sonja Braden


Treasurer                    April Klusman


Concession Leads      Ashley Johnson

                                   Jessica Goebel

                                   Brandie Cooper

                                   Margie Giffen

                                   Laura Griffin

                                   Lisa Mills

YOU CAN HELP SCOTT HIGH SCHOOL MAKE A DIFFERENCE through the KROGER COMMUNITY REWARDS PROGRAM!!!  The Scott High Eagle Club participates in the Kroger Community Rewards Program.  It’s easy to register!  Email us (scotthseagleclub@gmail.com) to get information on how to SIGN-UP!


2020-2021 Meeting Schedule


All meetings are open to the Scott High School community and are held on the 2nd Tuesday of every other month at 7:00 PM (unless otherwise noted) in the Multipurpose Room.  During these meetings, our Principal, Mrs. Carolyn Stewart and Athletic Director, Mr. Casey Fisk, will present information about Scott High School activities. Special requests for funds from the Eagle Club are welcomed.


January 12, 2021

March 9, 2021

May 11, 2021


Eagle Club By-Laws


August 19 Minutes

September 19 Minutes

August 20 Minutes

September 20 Minutes