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Bell 1 = Dictators and Tyrants click for a welcome video 

Bell 2 = Psychology click here for a welcome video 

Bell 3 = My planning (great time to contact me if you need help) 

Bell 4 = ISS A Geography click to watch the Welcome video  

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My school phone # (859) 341-7650 ext 191 (only if we are in school) 

Two Task for you  1. Log into our google classroom

2. Use the google meet link on DAY 1 to "show up" for class. that means to be online at the time class starts! 

email me for Google join codes and meet links 

If you do not know how to join google classroom .. watch this video then follow the instructions. For  Google Join codes + Google Meet link just send an  email to me  



2020-21 Daily Bell Schedule

1st Period 7:50-8:50

2nd Period 8:50-10:05

PRIDE 10:05-10:45

3rd Period 10:45-12:20

4th Period 12:20-1:25

5th Period 1:25-2:30



On a personal note:  I am a father, adventurer, learner, do it yourself kind of person, who loves history, geography, and questions. All learning begins with questions.  Enthusiasm is contagious, and I hope to motivate you in your efforts in this class and in LIFE!  I will treat you with dignity and respect and expect you to do the same in return.  My job is to help you learn and be successful!



 Welcome freshman to ISS A or ISS B, ISS stands for Integrated Social Studies A&B These are survey courses designed to review and deepen student knowledge of Geography and Civics. We will be studying concepts and accumulating information about our world in ISS part A. This is a global regional study of Geography that focuses on Globalization and interconnections between varied people, countries, and continents where they live.  We will be studying concepts and accumulating information about our government and nation in ISS part B. Civics includes governmental system, while carefully analyzing and making the practical application to our everyday lives. It won’t be all boring, I promise. I want you to understand and appreciate our physical world and our political system – both involve every aspect of our lives in our communities, state, nation, and world.  You’ll be citizens soon and the future of our great country will be in your hands! Don’t let us down....   


Fom the Kentucky Department of Education website ( core curriculum are these words:


“Big Idea: Geography - Geography includes the study of the five fundamental themes of location, place, regions, movement and human/environmental interaction. Students need geographic knowledge to analyze issues and problems to better understand how humans have interacted with their environment over time, how geography has impacted settlement and population, and how geographic factors influence climate, culture, the economy and world events. A geographic perspective also enables students to better understand the past and present and to prepare for the future.”



EXPECTATIONS: (my 2 classroom rules) 

  1. BE POSITIVE - not every day is your best day but attitude makes all the difference

  1. Be PRODUCTIVE – It’s your job to try and learn, it’s my job to make sure you are learning. I promise if you try …… you will succeed, in this class and in life!



Grades will be composed of

-Notes (include your notes from text’s, videos, discussion, vocabulary, study questions, study guides, worksheets)

-Homework (rarely ever given, HOWEVER unfinished classwork IS homework!)

-Quizzes and Exams (scheduled quizzes; “pop” quizzes; end of unit and other exams)

-Projects (including individual and groups projects; research papers; group efforts)

-Participation (which includes participation in class, participation in groups, bellringer work, exit slips)

-Extra credit (when offered)
Grading Scale:           90-100% (A)   80-89% (B)     70-79% (C)     60-69% (D)     59%-below (F)



-Bring a notebook/paper, and writing utensils to every class

-A three-ring binder or folder to keep notes, handouts, other class materials

-A diligent effort on the part of each student:  I am here to help you succeed; determine you will work hard, and you will succeed!

-Work missed must be made up within the allowed time (number of days you were absent, plus one).  You must come ask for the work before or after class, it’s your responsibility to get it and complete it otherwise it’s a 0. Those KILL grades so just do the work. Google classroom and your classmates will also be helpful for this. Draw a Skull w/ X eyes here

-Late work must be turned in by Friday of the week it is due, points will be deducted for each day it is late. Turn things in on time, every time. Your grade will thank you!
Doodle a design below (maybe an AWESOME A you should get in class)

-A positive attitude:  we will embark on a study that will make us more responsible adults and citizens. The only thing that will stop you is a lack of effort and poor attitude. SMILE at me or your neighbor or the person you like in this class! OH NO they saw you look down at the floor QUICK. actually put your head DOWN you’re done, Great Job! 


ISS A class outline 

Unit One -- Geo.Skills + 5 themes Review (1 week) 

Unit Two -- Africa (2 weeks)

Unit Three-- Middle East (1 week)

Unit Four-- Europe (2 weeks)

Unit Five -- Asia (1 week)

Unit Six -- Oceania and Australia (1 week)

Unit Seven -- Latin and South America (1 week)

Unit Eight -- North America (1 week)

Globalization essay (1 week)

Exam review and assessment (1 week) 


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