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Kroger Community Rewards

Help us earn money for Piner Elementary by signing up for the Kroger Community Rewards program. It is free, and uses your existing Kroger Plus card to give back 10% of your purchases to our school!  It’s easy to sign up:
*Log in to
*In the upper right hand corner, you will see 2 orange boxes that say SIGN IN and REGISTER.
*If your Kroger Plus Card (the one you swipe to save money in store) is already registered on-line (if you download coupons, you're registered), click the SIGN IN button.  Then, enter the e-mail address and password you used when registering your account.  At the bottom of the Account Summary page, you will see COMMUNITY REWARDS.  In this section you can search for Piner Elementary or enter our school ID number 40665.  Select our school and then every time you swipe your Kroger card, Piner will earn money.  You don't have to do anything else.  
*If you don't have your card registered online, click the REGISTER button.  It will prompt you to answer a couple of questions to set up your account.  Once registered, follow the steps above.

New School Behavior Procedures

                                                        What is PBIS?
PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention System. Here at Piner we call our PBIS system “Piner Pride.” Students are specifically taught our behavior expectations for the classroom, hallways, restrooms, cafeteria, buses, playground, and assemblies.  We practice these expectations frequently at the beginning of the year, and review them often throughout the year.  This approach has proven to be very successful in reducing the numbers of behavior referrals each month.  This year we are adding some new elements to our PBIS system: the classroom “Clip Up/Clip Down” charts and the student anti-bullying strategy of “Stop, Walk, Talk.”  We will no longer use “sticks” as our behavior management strategy; rather, we have moved into the use of a colored chart. Students will have the opportunity not only to move their clips down to a lower color when behavior reminders are needed, but they will also have the chance to move their clips up for rewards when they display outstanding behavior.  The “Stop, Walk, Talk” strategy teaches students proactive ways to stop bullying behaviors and to support one another in these efforts. Students who “Stand Up” to bullies on behalf of their peers will be given opportunities for positive peer recognition. Empowering our students to make good behavior choices increases the learning opportunities for everyone!

Important Note About Attendance

Please remember that your child may have up to 9 parent notes and 10 doctors’ notes before absences become unexcused. After 3 unexcused absences, we must begin the truancy procedures as outlined by the Kenton County School District. Signing your child out early or coming in tardy will use parent notes, so please consider carefully whether your child is truly ill and must miss a day of school.

Welcome New Staff Members

Please welcome some new staff members to Piner:  Ms. Natasha Arias-1st grade teacher, Mr. Scott Penkova-3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Angela Buechel-preschool teacher, Ms. Pam Hall, Custodian, and Ms. Kathryn Vandiver-Speech Pathologist.

Cafeteria Information

             Hello everyone and welcome back to school. All of us in the cafeteria are excited about seeing the kids.

            These are the meal prices this year: breakfast is $1.45 and lunch is $2.00. Free and reduced forms are available online on the Kenton County School District website. Please utilize this tool as this will help us process your application faster. If you have any questions, please call Piner’s cafeteria manager, Monica Trattles, at 356-2155 ext. 5014 and she can direct you to the web site.

            Everyone should have received a free and reduced lunch application form in their child’s backpack. These forms are also available online. Please complete and return them as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary fees, as parents are responsible for their child’s meal purchases until they have been approved. If you have misplaced this form, please send a note to your child’s teacher, and we can send another one home.

            We are thankful to be part of your child’s daily nutrition education. We appreciate knowing that we can provide them with good choices that will lead to lifelong healthy eating habits.

                Thank you, and have a healthy and nutritious year! Monica Trattles, Piner Cafeteria Manager

Information about Treats

Due to the increased number and severity of student food allergies, we now require that all treats brought to school to share (ex: parties, birthdays) must be store bought and in their original packaging, with nutritional information attached.  Any treats that do not meet this standard will not be served. Thanks for helping to keep our students safe!

Information about Volunteering at Piner

If you would like to volunteer at Piner and do not have an approved background check on file, please note that there is a  $10 processing fee for each. Background checks are good for three years.  If you are unable to afford this fee, the school will help as funds are available.

Document destruction notice

As per the approved record retention schedule of the STATE ARCHIVES AND RECORDS COMMISSION, be it known to all parents and adult students that the Kenton County School District is required to maintain special education records for three (3) years after the date of the last activity. Therefore, the school district will destroy all records it no longer needs three (3) years after graduation or three years after a student exits the district.

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