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  Curriculum & Instruction

Curriculum Resources (What We Teach)

Core Content 4.1/Curriculum Standards
Core Content for Assessment version 4.1-  represents the content that has been identified as essential for all students to know and will be included on the state assessment. This core content is to be replaced by Core Standards developed by the State Standards Initiative as Identified in Senate Bill One as of the 2011-2012 school year.

State Standards Initiative (New Core Content)
New standards have been finalized for ELA and Math.  Although these standards will not be tested until the spring of 2012, schools and teachers have already began to work with them in order to prepare for full implmentation into the classroom.



Instructional Resources (How We Teach)

Kenton County Instructional Resources
This page is updated with some of the more current instructional strategies and resources currently in use in the Kenton County school district. 

Smartboard Resources
Maximizing SMART Boards as interactive hands-on, minds-on technology tools support students as they demonstrate what they know in multiple ways.  You will find links to established lessons and to template files you can download and use right in your SMART Notebook software.
Instructional Technology

Kenton County Schools provides technology support to teachers by offering professional development and professional growth opportunities. These sessions occur in large group, small group and individual teacher settings.




Writing Continuum
The 2009-10 Kenton County Writing Continuum provides a structure for continuous writing skill development and guides high quality writing instruction in all Kenton County Schools.

Schools of Study
The mission of The Kenton County School District has always been to “…educate all students to successfully demonstrate the knowledge and skills essential for lifelong learning, social well-being, and active responsible citizenship.” To successfully fulfill this mission, all students need to experience a rigorous high school course of study that prepares them for a variety of career choice options.

Advanced Placement
The Advanced Placement program offers college-level courses and contingent exams that allow high school students to challenge their academic skills, earn college credit, and stand out in the college admissions process.  Each of our high schools offer several Advanced Placement courses and participate in the Commonwealth Diploma program rewarding students for successful completion of an advanced placement curriculum. 

KDE Instructional Resources
Kentucky's Curriculum Documents and other resources for improving instruction in Kentucky schools. Documents include the Program of Studies, Core Content for Assessment, Transformations, and other supporting documents such as the Implementation Manuals, Instructional Materials (formerly referred to as textbooks) Adoption information.   .

Comprehensive School Improvement Plans
The process of Improvement Planning in Kentucky is used as the means of determining how schools and districts will plan to ensure that students reach proficiency and beyond by 2014.