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KCSD hosting parent education nights to talk about social media

The Kenton County School District is hosting parent education nights to inform parents about social media. These events will take place at the following times and locations:

Parent Pick Up

All families intending to use the parent pick-up process, must register for a car tag each year.  This can be accomplished at Readifest or in the main office.  The Kenton Elementary car tag must be present when picking your child up in the car line.  Students will not be dismissed without the correct car tag number assigned to the family.  If you do not have a number, you will be required to park your car and sign your child out of school through the front office for safety reasons.  The first set (2) of car tags are free.  Any family desiring additional sets or in need of replacement car tag numbers due to loss, will be asked to pay a $1.00 donation per set.  Thank you. 

Introducing "MyBusBuddie" parent portal

Parents and guardians are always interested in the status of the bus that transports their children.  While everything possible is done to assure that the buses operate on schedule, situations arise that can cause delays in their arrival times at a student’s stop.

The Kenton County School District desires to keep parents and guardians informed of the current status and location of their bus, and to make it as easy as possible to provide this communication without interfering with parents’ normal schedule.

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